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Contra Veritas [Against All Reason]

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my name is bec.
i'm seventeen years young.
graduated redlands college CLASS OF '07
i'm a christian and i go to cbc
i have a love. his name is connor. i love him more than words. <3
i have a best friend. her name is caitlin. she's been by my side since grade eight and i don't deserve her.
i have a beautiful family.
i'm going to be studying at griffith university, and i'll be completing a bachelor of psychology.
i work at a cafe restaurant. i enjoy taking photos. i have an interest in literature & the written word. i enjoy getting dressed up.
music;; almost anything, from mudvayne to enya.
movies;; movies that are out of the ordinary; that challenge you. & chick flicks.
telly;; FRIENDS. scrubs. dead like me. ncis.
i'd like to meet jesus. albert camus. friedrich nietzsche. lemony snicket. jennifer aniston. jake gyllenhaal. jude law.